Mantis Deluxe XP Petrol Tiller - Gardening Package

Mantis Deluxe XP Petrol Tiller - Gardening Package


Mantis petrol tillers have been a favourite amongst gardeners for many years and are now a common sight in gardens and allotments throughout the country.

The Mantis tiller is light weight and easy to use in all areas of the garden throughout the gardening season. Turning over the soil in vegetable plots and flower beds is what the Mantis does best but there is a range of accessories available to make the Mantis even more versatile.

The Mantis Deluxe XP has a tilling width of 41cm which can be adjusted to 23cm if required.  It will dig up to 25cm deep cutting through hard soil and tangled weeds. The tines are reversible to allow shallower digging and weeding.

A kick stand is supplied as standard which allows you to “park” your Mantis. When it is time to start work, the stand just flips up out of the way.

The handles are adjustable to match your height and fold for ease of storage and transportation.  Comfort grips make for fatigue-free operation and carrying handles allow the Mantis to be carried to the job site with ease.

The gardening package includes plough and planter attachments.

The plough attachment is used for making uniform furrows of 35cm – 41cm wide. The Mantis is propelled forwards by the standard tines and the plough is pulled along to create furrows which are ideal for planting.

The planter attachment is comprised of two special tines used for digging in narrow areas. The tines dig a trench 15cm – 25cm wide for planting potatoes, onions, flower bulbs and so on.

Power is provided by a reliable Subaru engine which is easy to start and very economical on fuel.

Product Features

  Gardening Package

Make planting vegetables and flower bulbs easier with the gardening package. The package adds plough and planter attachments and saves you money compared to buying each attachment separately.

Product Specification

Manufacturer:   Mantis
Model:   Mantis Deluxe XP Petrol Tiller with Gardening Pack
Maximum Working Width:   410mm
Engine:   Subaru 35cc 4-stroke
Handle Bar Swing:   No
Handle Bar Adjustment:   Yes - height adjustment
Tiller Size:   Mini
Dry Weight:   15.5kg
Machine Warranty:   5 years in domestic use, lifetime re tine breakage
Engine Warranty:   2 years in domestic use
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