Honda UMK 425 LE Brushcutter

Honda UMK 425 LE Brushcutter

The Honda UMK425LE loop handle brushcutter is at home in the larger garden and in light commercial applications for clearing long grass, tall weeds and undergrowth.

Honda’s 25cc 4-stroke engine is fitted to the UMK425LE. This engine is powerful, economical, clean running, easy to start and very reliable. Being 4-stroke, you can use ordinary unleaded petrol straight from the filling station. There is no need to mix a fuel-oil mix that is required for 2-stroke engines.

Compared to other machines on the market, the Honda UMK425LE is quiet and has a less harsh tone to the engine sound than 2-stoke powered brushcutters.

A bump feed nylon line head makes feeding out more nylon cord simple. With the head spinning, simply tap the head on the ground to feed more cord out. No need to stop cutting.

If you want to tackle thicker weeds and scrub,  it is quick and easy to change the nylon line head for the 3 tooth metal blade that is supplied as standard.

The loop handle configuration makes picking up and putting down the UMK425LE simple. This machine can be used with or without the harness that is supplied. The handles feature rubber hand grips to make the grip comfortable and firm.

For your peace of mind, Honda cover the UMK425LE with their 5 year domestic use warranty.

Product Specification

Manufacturer:   Honda
Model:   UMK 425 LE
Category:   Brushcutter
Power:   Petrol (4-stroke)
Handle:   Loop
Engine:   25cc GX25T 0.72kW @ 7000rpm
Weight:   5.98kg
Standard Tools :   Nylon head, 3 tooth blade, goggles and harness
Warranty:   5 years in domestic use
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