Bosch AXT25TC Shredder

Bosch AXT25TC Shredder

*** Supplied with a FREE pop-up bag worth £16 ***

The Bosch AXT25TC Quiet Shredder works with a revolutionary shielded Turbine-Cut system which is excellent for reducing green and woody garden waste into shreddings suitable for composting.

The Turbine-Cut system allows you to pop the material to be shredded into the top of the shredder and the cutter pulls the material into the shredding chamber. There is no need to push the garden waste through the shredder and no need to separate green material from the woody material. In fact, the more wood the better because woody stems are easier for the cutter to “get hold of” as it pulls the garden waste through the cutting system.

And don’t worry if you get a bit carried away and put too much onto the shredder at once. A reverse feature allows you to clear any blockages.

Powered by a 2500 watt Bosch motor, the AXT25TC has plenty of power to shred garden waste of up to 45mm in diameter. Shreddings are dropped into an integral collection box that holds 53 litres of shreddings. The collection box is safety-switched to stop the machine being used unless the box is fitted properly.

For anyone short of storage space, the in-feed hopper of the AXT25TC is easily removed and can be stored in the collection box allowing the machine to be stored under a work surface.

The AXT25TC is described as a quiet shredder. Because of the way the cutting action works, the shredder is indeed very quiet especially when compared to impact shredders.

The Bosch AXT25TC has a 3 year warranty (requires registration).

Product Features

  Turbine-Cut System

The Turbine-Cut System gives extremely fast material throughput of green and woody material and avoids blockages.

  Convenient Storage

The in-feed hopper of the Bosch AXT25TC is easily removed and can be stored in the collection box allowing the machine to be stored under a work surface. With the hopper stored in the collection box, the machine measures just 67cm tall.

  FREE Pop-Up Bag

A FREE pop-up bag worth £16 is supplied with the Bosch AXT25TC garden shredder.

Product Specification

Manufacturer:   Bosch
Model:   AXT25TC
Power:   Electric
Motor/Engine Size:   2500 watts
Cutting Capacity :   45mm
Shredder Type :   Turbine-Cut Quiet Shredder
Weight:   30.5kg
Machine Warranty:   3 years in domestic use (requires registration)
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