Bosch Chainsaws

At Buyamower, we are main agents for Bosch chainsaws.

Bosch offer a small range of electric and cordless chainsaws suited to occasional homeowner use. If you are cutting wood for your fire or tree pruning around the garden one of the Bosch models is sure to suit you.

All of our Bosch chainsaws will be fully assembled and receive a full pre-delivery inspection prior to despatch.


When buying a chainsaw, buy a saw that suits your type of use. Chainsaws are generally categorised as homeowner, semi-professional or professional models.

Choose a model that is the right size for the wood you want to cut on a regular basis. Do not buy bigger than you need.

Always keep your chainsaw sharp. You will need a filing kit suited to the chain fitted to your chosen model. Chainsaw sharpening is a regular maintenance task. A blunt chainsaw is dangerous and will lead to you having to replace your guide bar and chain prematurely.

Safety Notice

We strongly recommend that chainsaw personal protective equipment be worn at all times whilst working with or around a chainsaw. Properly fitting personal protective equipment that meets the latest standards offers the best protection against personal injury. However, no protective equipment can provide total protection against injury and therefore protective equipment should not be used as a substitute for operating a chainsaw in accordance with the instructions and safe operating practices. For advice on personal protective equipment please contact us.

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Bosch UniversalChain 35 Chainsaw
Powered by an 1800 watt motor, the Bosch UniversalChain 35 chainsaw is a useful 35cm electric chainsaw for occasional wood cutting jobs around the smaller garden.

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